Shopping Destinations in Sri Lanka

Are you planning to travel and visit Sri Lanka? Then don’t forget to shop and explore for the best finds in the any shops in this country. Sri Lanka is an ideal place for shopping where one can see so many different items with the cheapest price.

Here are the top ten shopping destinations in Sri Lanka you definitely wouldn’t want to miss:

1. Ratnapura – is the best place in Sri Lanka to buy jewels and gem for this place is the gem-mining capital of Sri Lanka. This town has the most well known gem shops in the country. One can also watch how the traditional gem mining and cutting is made. This is definitely a haven for all gem enthusiasts.

2. House of Fashion – located in Colombo, where the most affordable ready-to-wear clothes are found. There are huge choices for teen clothes and adult clothes that are both casual wears and formal wears. This is a very ideal place for shoppaholics for clothes and any clothing items.

3. Mondy – also found in Colombo selling clothes with unbelievably low prices. The clothes choices here include office wears such as colored leggings, well-costumed attires, trousers, and everything that can be worn in the office. So for everyone looking for their office outfits, Mondy is the right place for you to go.

4. Sri Lankan Streets – probably the easiest way to search for shopping items. City streets are filled with sidewalk vendors selling the items similar to those that are sold in department stores and malls, only the prices outside are extremely more affordable. This is the most practical place to shop for everyone who is on a tight budget but still wants to enjoy shopping in Sri Lanka.

5. Duplication Road, Colombo – where a vast collection of men’s and women’s clothes are found together with shoes, bags, purses, and even toys are found. There are discounts stores here that sell designer items with its very low prices ever!

6. 25 Utuwankanda, Mawanella – a perfect place to buy organic remedies and spices that are used for massages. This is a garden shop that sells fresh herbs and oils that are very relaxing ingredients to use for soothing massages. They accept credit cards here making everyone’s shopping very accessible.

7. Odel Department Store– it is a mansion made into a shopping store in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The department store is complete with cafés and bars where shoppers can rest for a while after a whole day of busy shopping. The place offers extremely low prices of goods, where everyone would be glad to shop at.

8. Kapruka – is he best place to shop for items that are related to music, such as CD’s, DVD’s, memorabilia, tapes and many more. Everything that is related to music all lies here so if you are a music lover try visiting this amazing place and enjoy exploring for great finds.

9. Ruby’s food store – found in Southall, and is the place to find delicious Sri Lankan cuisines that you may want to try out. They offer delicious and affordable foods that will truly satisfy everyone’s tastes buds.

10. Liberty Plaza – located at Kollupitiya, Colombo where the modern amd latest equipments are found. There are also ideal souvenir items found here that will be a perfect gift for you friends and family back home.

Ms. Pinky is a mom of 3 school children. She is a Systems Engineer, a Technology Researcher and an Independent Medical Billing and Coding Consultant. She and her family is well-traveled all over the world!