Here Are My Top 10 Shopping Destinations in Singapore

Singapore is one of the countries in the world that is the best to go for shopping. There are so many shopping centers here that offer best quality products. Well known markets and even street markets are a big part of Singapore.

Here are my top ten best shopping destinations in Singapore:

1.    Barang Barang – is an amazing complex in the city of Singapore selling the best items that are locally made. Ancient and antique finds are all here. There is also vintage furniture that is truly quality made. This is a place where the artistic Singaporeans’ talents are much revealed.

2.    Lucky Plaza Shopping Mall – one of the biggest shopping places in Singapore. Lucky Plaza is very spacious making it a convenient shopping place for shoppers. Health products fashion accessories, and many others can be found here.

3.    Causeway Point – a large shopping mall in Singapore that is well known to tourists. A huge variety of shops can be found selling various items with quality brands that are made both locally and international.

4.    North Shopping Center Singapore – located at Yishun Avenue in Singapore and is a popular tourist destination. There are lots of shops here where one can find almost everything. There are numerous shops and also dining and entertainment lounges making everyone’s shopping spree really enjoyable.

5.    Chinatown Market – a perfect place for a late night shopping spree. This is a very practical place to shop where one can find amazing items at its very low price.

6.    Marina Bay – a man made bay in Singapore that is very well known with lots of shopping arcades along the bay streets selling various items from fashion wears, electronic parts and gadgets, antiques, and many others. This is a place where on can find almost everything while strolling along the Singapore bay.

7.    North Bridge Road – one of Singapore’s oldest roads and is lined with many shops selling different items that will surely satisfy everyone’s needs.

8.    Orchard Road – a very well known tourist spot in Singapore where people can find lots of department stores and shopping malls. This is a busy rod with lots of shoppers looking for amazing items and stuffs to buy.

9.    Mustafa Center – a place in Singapore where the best garment finds are sold. A real place for great bargains and exclusive shopping sprees are always expected here.

10.    Riverside – a place to find lots of shopping malls and bazaars where one can find amazing items. There are shops that sell different kinds of items so one is always free to explore and be amazed with the place.