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Major Shopping Destinations in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most popular tourist attractions around the world. Every year, many tourists come to Singapore for holidays. There are many factors that make Singapore one of the best tourist attractions, and one factor is that Singapore is a shopping paradise.

If you are a shopaholic, you definitely must visit Singapore. Every year from May to June, there will be a Great Singapore Sale (GSS) here. During this period, almost all major shopping centers and boutiques offer up to 70% discounts for their goods.

Now let me share with you 5 major shopping destinations you must visit when you come to Singapore:
1. Sim Lim Square. If you love gadget, Sim Lim Square is one place you cannot afford to miss. Sim Lim is the gadget hub in Singapore. You can find all sorts of electronic goods and IT accessories and tourists can enjoy tax free shopping there.

2. Orchard Road. Orchard Road is the most famous shopping destination in Singapore. Almost every tourist who comes to Singapore visit Orchard Road. Major shopping centers such as Takashimaya, Paragon, Tangs and Wisma Atria are located there. If you are into branded goods such as LV, Gucci, Zara and Guess, Orchard Road is the right place for you.

3. Vivo City. Vivo City is the largest shopping center in Singapore. It is located at Habour Front and is very near Sentosa. Sentosa is an offshore island that is famous for its beach and sight-seeing. Shopping at Vivo is a great idea because after a day of shopping, you can take a cable car to Sentosa and enjoy the nice night scenery with your love ones.

4. Bugis Street. If you are into trendy street wear, Bugis Street is the right place for you. One thing to note when you are shopping at Bugis Street is that you should not take the first offer as the final offer. Some unethical sellers will purposely increase the price of their goods when they are selling to tourists. So always remember to negotiate.

5. Chinatown. Chinatown is famous for its food, shopping and culture. You can find lots of nice Chinese restaurants with delicious Chinese cuisines. There are also a lot of stores and shops for you to shop too.

So when you come to Singapore for holidays, remember to visit these shopping destinations. Try to come in late May or June so that you will not miss the GSS. Have a safe and fun holiday. See you around here!

Shopping Destinations to Visit in Singapore

Singapore is a very popular holiday destination. It is a clean country located in South East Asia, just south of Malaysia. Tourists who came here usually say that it is a safe and fine city. In Singapore, there are many well-known shopping destinations you can visit. If you are planning to visit Singapore, you should do it between May to June. This is because during this period, most boutiques and major shopping centers will offer up to 75% discounts for their goods because of Great Singapore Sale (GSS).

GSS is what every shopaholic loves. During this period, you can find unbelievable deals around Singapore. You can get discounts on goods from major brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Burberry, Guess and more. In this article, let me share with you 5 shopping destinations in Singapore you must visit during GSS:

1. Orchard Road. This is the most popular shopping destination in Singapore. Along Orchard Road, you can find many major shopping centers such as Tangs, Takashimaya, Wisma and more. At Orchard Road, you can find almost everything you can think of, from electronics to the latest fashion.

2. Sim Lim Square. If you are into electronics, you must visit Sim Lim Square. Sim Lim Square is well-known as the electronic hub and you can find great discounts on goods during GSS. Almost all Singaporeans visit Sim Lim Square to buy a computer or laptop because they offer lots of choices for us to choose from.

3. Vivo City. Vivo City is the largest shopping center in Singapore and it is built not long ago. If you wish to visit every shop in Vivo City, it will at least take you half a day to do it. Vivo City is located at Habour Front which is very near Sentosa. (Sentosa is an off-shore island of Singapore which is famous for sun tanning, sight-seeing and beach volleyball)

4. Bugis Street. Bugis Street is famous for its street wear fashion. If you are into street wear, this is a place you absolutely must visit. When you buy goods at Bugis Street, don’t take the first offer. Always negotiate with the seller to get a better price.

5. Plaza Singapura (PS). PS is another famous shopping centre which is located just further down Orchard Road. There are many shops there and it is famous for its Cineplex.

Hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and now have a better understanding on where to shop when you are in Singapore. Have a safe trip!

Christmas Shopping Destinations in the UK

Unless you are escaping to a desert island for the whole of December, Christmas shopping is pretty much unavoidable but if your local shops just aren’t going cut it this year (and you don’t want to rely on the post!), then why not use our guide to head out to the best shopping locations in the UK? Pre-Christmas sales are not uncommon now so search around for some real bargains.

1. Oxford Street, London

Forty million shoppers making their annual Christmas pilgrimage every year can’t be wrong. People come for the lights, the two mile stretch of 300+ shops, the extended ranges in many of the international flagship stores and the massive amount of choice (Selfridges, Top Shop, Nike Town, John Lewis, the list goes on). Although they probably don’t come for the crowds. Oxford Street is one of London’s top tourist attractions and is still one of the most popular shopping destinations in the world.

2. Manchester

England’s unofficial second city has the cooler edge on many of it’s rivals. Not even counting the The Arndale Centre, this city is a shoppers paradise and is crammed full of small niche retailers, vintage/retro boutiques and shabby chic/boho stores many with an original Mancunian style. Perfect if you really stuck for Christmas shopping ideas – just remember to pack the umbrella!

3. Brighton & Hove

Even though it’s a small city, Brighton & Hove has made it high on the list because of it’s amazingly diverse range of shops from chic boutiques, contemporary unique fashions to antiques and original art and jewellery. The more bohemian and trendy shops are located in Brighton’s North Laines. Wander the half a square mile of streets and alleys buying 50s and 60s kitsch, aspirational lifestyle products or french reproduction furniture and then stop for a mung bean burger at one of the many health and vegetarian food outlets. Designer bargains are to be found in the Brighton Marina and the big name stores are located in Churchill Square.

4. Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a very aesthetically pleasing shopping location and is often considered one of the most beautiful cities in Britain. People brave the cold to come here and view the sights as well as do their Christmas shopping. The locals take style and consumerism very seriously and as well as being packed with designer names (Stella McCartney, Louis Vuitton, Prada etc) there are plenty of hip and trendy smaller boutique shops.

5. Birmingham

England’s official second city shouldn’t disappoint would be shoppers, it’s an easier place to get your bearings than you might think with most shops located in the newly redeveloped Bull Ring and New Street. Brummies love trendy designer labels but they also love a bargain. They also love unusual architecture (the £40 million futuristic Selfridges building is worth coming to Birmingham to see in itself although, having said that, it might not be to everyones taste!). As well as all the major high street shops including Harvey Nichols and House of Fraser, the well-known jewellery quarter should sort you out with all your bling!

6. Spitalfields Market, London

Okay this would be the alternative choice but if you’re fed up with the same old stuff in all the usual high street stores then Spitalfields market with it’s eclectic range of stalls – many with original designs – is definitely worth a visit. Buy your cool cousin an original leather satchel, your mum a vintage brooch, your niece or nephew a trendy printed babygrow or just pick up a slice of wheat-free Christmas cake.

7. Newcastle

If you like your shopping experience to be on a very large scale then this would definitely be the place to visit. The enormous Metrocentre is probably the reason most people travel to Newcastle for shopping as it’s one of largest shopping and leisure centres in Europe. North Easterners also have a fondness for original designs so as well as the usual high street favourites there is also a wide range of independent shops and a popular art and craft market each Sunday on Armstrong Bridge in Jesmond.

8. Bath

If it’s the quintessential English Christmas shopping experience you are after, look no further than Bath. With it’s grand Georgian streets, Roman baths and beautiful abbey, Bath is very easy on the eye and even the most discerning shopper is well catered for. As well as all the familiar big name stores, the town offers a wide range of independent shops and stylish boutiques and a well-organised Christmas Market running from 26th November to 6th December 2009.

9. Dublin

Ok, it’s not in the UK, but Dublin is a fun and vibrant city and would make an excellent choice for an easily accessible Christmas shopping destination. It’s a very compact city with all the shops in walkable distance and most of the shopping centred around the pedestrianised Grafton Street (shops towards the upper-end of the market) and St. Stephens Green Shopping Centre (the usual high street shops). After you finished there head for Temple Bar for trendy and more unusual clothing, music and art stores (and probably also a pint of Guinness).

10. Cardiff

Even if you’re not searching for a rugby shirt or a Welsh Love spoon don’t overlook Cardiff as a Christmas shopping destination. Cardiff is a very friendly city and is now one of the best shopping locations in the country thanks to the new St. David’s shopping centre £675 million extension. Every major store is represented in the very impressive “St. David’s 2″ but if it’s more intimate shopping you are after try the cute Morgan and Castle shopping arcades still with their Victorian and Edwardian features.

The Best Shopping Destination In USA

Chicago, the third largest city in United States, is definitely one of the emerging names in world’s best shopping destinations. Today, if one says Chicago as a new shopping paradise on planet Earth, then it won’t be wrong. While this city is classified as an alpha world city and may be slightly small in size in comparison to other cities, there is no doubt that this city rank high in shopping charts and living standards. Form fashionable boutiques, department stores and outlet malls this city named Chicago offers a wide variety of shopping experiences.

The primary shopping area in the city is Michigan Avenue. Surrounded with world-class and scaling tree-lined streets and dazzling architectural portico, it is an ideal place to spend your day. Known for its splendid shopping malls, this venue offers a lively array of stores, shops spanning six levels, restaurants, Banana Republic and Chicago’s department store. Women who are just searching for fashionable and vibrant accessories then this could be the next place to soar your desire and shop till you get tired.

Now just if you are crazy about fashion and like to dress-up yourself with modern garments and unique jewelry then don’t forget to step in Oak Street. This is really one of the busy shopping destinations in the nation. Offering brand and luxury collection of apparel and accessories for every age group, here you can easily find some of the most famous shops that also feature some excellent collections from world’s top fashion designer. It doesn’t matter which age group belong, Oak Street has exciting collection of jewelry and apparel stores.

Wait a minute, just in case if you are thinking of dropping your shopping bags then wake up. Lincoln Park is waiting for you. It takes 5 to 10 minutes from Michigan Avenue hotels to reach Lincoln Park shopping area. This mini shopping world within a world consists of two primary blocks Armitage and Halsted Streets. Known for its magnificent stores, boutiques and day spas, this venue is like a gem in Chicago. Here you’ can find huge selection of denim, as well as accessories like bracelets, earrings, belts, heels from established designers including C&C California, Chip & Pepper, James Cured, Marc Jacobs and Earnest Sewn. You shopping in Chicago is just incomplete without visiting this place.

Just south of the Chicago River, State Street is a next high lively shopping destination that has the best combination of the past and present. Having old-fashioned street lamps and architecture, with novel and excellently designed retail establishments, this avenue has lot to offer.

Now if You’re looking for something that is out of the ordinary, then Buck town-Wicker Park is just waiting for you. Famous as retail hub of Chicago, this shopping avenue has independent shops and boutiques. These boutiques offer established designers’ handcrafted jewelry, rare art and antiques. The best part of this shopping avenue is the retail stores located here offer a matchless rank of service that can be rarely found anywhere else in this world.

So if you are a new to this shopping paradise or planning to visit this shopping paradise, you are at right place which really helps save you money and time and giving you hassle free shopping experiences with top class personalized guest services at affordable prices in all Chicago hotels.

Shopping Destinations In London

London is the top tourist destination in the world, and for very good reasons. The numerous historical landmarks will make your trip a memorable one, and the diverse atmosphere is not like any other city. Another thing that many find notable in London is the numerous shopping opportunities. Because of the high amounts of tourism, retailers have stepped up and created shopping destinations that you won’t want to miss.

You’ll have to decide exactly what you want to shop for, since stores are generally grouped by type. If you want to see the really top-notch shops and department stores, Knightsbridge is the place to go. The hyper-fashionable person will find all of the latest trends, and all of the name brand items that you can handle.

If you aren’t looking to stay on the bleeding edge of fashion, and you’d rather just have some fun, then Covent Garden is the place for you. It has a little bit of everything, including some surprising stuff that you wouldn’t quite group with “everything”. Even if you aren’t looking to buy anything, it’s still fun to window shop and eat at one of the many cafés.

Notting Hill has a very unique blend of shops. You’ll find many different eclectic shops that give you alternative options. If you appreciate antique clothes or furniture, you’ll find many shops to provide you with exactly that. It is also home to a popular market that makes for an interesting afternoon visit.

If you’re looking for computers or electronics, then you should look on Oxford Street. It has literally dozens of shops selling everything from cameras and batteries to compact discs and video games. With a little haggling, you can get better prices than you would find anywhere else in the city.

Finally, arguably the most infamous shopping destination in London is New Bond Street. It is filled to the brim with the most premium (and expensive) fashion boutiques. If you just need to go on a shopping spree for some of the most famous brands in the world, then New Bond Street is the place to do it.

The 5 Best Shopping Destinations in Scottsdale

Shopping in Scottsdale is fast becoming comparable to other amazing cities like New York and Los Angeles. Here are some of my must have destinations for shoppers.

Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall: The undisputed king of Scottsdale shopping destinations is for sure fashion square mall, based just north of old town it covers a huge area and has so many options the only thing you’ll really need is a heavy wallet.

Key Retailers: Barney’s New York, Gucci, Nordstrom, Lois Vuitton, Carate and Barrel, Microsoft Store, Ted Baker and just too many more.

Kierland Commons: The holiday season is a great time to be in the Kierland commons shopping area. All the kids love to meet Santa there and the dining options are good and varied.

Key Retailers: Banana Republic, J Crew, Restoration Hardware, Coach, Guess, Barnes and Nobles.

The Borgata: The Borgata is a fun stroll for intricate little alley’s containing tons of high end boutiques and personalized shopping opportunities.

Key Retailers:Many boutiques and jewelers and galleries. Or you can stop by the ever popular Chico’s.

Scottsdale Quarter: Newly opened and still being rolled out is the beautiful new Scottsdale Quarter, it’s going to be a must have for fashion shoppers for many years to come.

Key Retailers: H & M, Armani Exchange, Oakville Bakery, Apple Store.

Biltmore Fashion Park: Not technically in Scottsdale but its only a 10 minute drive down the Camelback corridor. Certainly worth a mention for the only Sak’s Fifth Avenue in town.

Shopping Destinations in Sri Lanka

Are you planning to travel and visit Sri Lanka? Then don’t forget to shop and explore for the best finds in the any shops in this country. Sri Lanka is an ideal place for shopping where one can see so many different items with the cheapest price.

Here are the top ten shopping destinations in Sri Lanka you definitely wouldn’t want to miss:

1. Ratnapura – is the best place in Sri Lanka to buy jewels and gem for this place is the gem-mining capital of Sri Lanka. This town has the most well known gem shops in the country. One can also watch how the traditional gem mining and cutting is made. This is definitely a haven for all gem enthusiasts.

2. House of Fashion – located in Colombo, where the most affordable ready-to-wear clothes are found. There are huge choices for teen clothes and adult clothes that are both casual wears and formal wears. This is a very ideal place for shoppaholics for clothes and any clothing items.

3. Mondy – also found in Colombo selling clothes with unbelievably low prices. The clothes choices here include office wears such as colored leggings, well-costumed attires, trousers, and everything that can be worn in the office. So for everyone looking for their office outfits, Mondy is the right place for you to go.

4. Sri Lankan Streets – probably the easiest way to search for shopping items. City streets are filled with sidewalk vendors selling the items similar to those that are sold in department stores and malls, only the prices outside are extremely more affordable. This is the most practical place to shop for everyone who is on a tight budget but still wants to enjoy shopping in Sri Lanka.

5. Duplication Road, Colombo – where a vast collection of men’s and women’s clothes are found together with shoes, bags, purses, and even toys are found. There are discounts stores here that sell designer items with its very low prices ever!

6. 25 Utuwankanda, Mawanella – a perfect place to buy organic remedies and spices that are used for massages. This is a garden shop that sells fresh herbs and oils that are very relaxing ingredients to use for soothing massages. They accept credit cards here making everyone’s shopping very accessible.

7. Odel Department Store– it is a mansion made into a shopping store in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The department store is complete with cafés and bars where shoppers can rest for a while after a whole day of busy shopping. The place offers extremely low prices of goods, where everyone would be glad to shop at.

8. Kapruka – is he best place to shop for items that are related to music, such as CD’s, DVD’s, memorabilia, tapes and many more. Everything that is related to music all lies here so if you are a music lover try visiting this amazing place and enjoy exploring for great finds.

9. Ruby’s food store – found in Southall, and is the place to find delicious Sri Lankan cuisines that you may want to try out. They offer delicious and affordable foods that will truly satisfy everyone’s tastes buds.

10. Liberty Plaza – located at Kollupitiya, Colombo where the modern amd latest equipments are found. There are also ideal souvenir items found here that will be a perfect gift for you friends and family back home.

Ms. Pinky is a mom of 3 school children. She is a Systems Engineer, a Technology Researcher and an Independent Medical Billing and Coding Consultant. She and her family is well-traveled all over the world!

Here Are My Top 10 Shopping Destinations in Singapore

Singapore is one of the countries in the world that is the best to go for shopping. There are so many shopping centers here that offer best quality products. Well known markets and even street markets are a big part of Singapore.

Here are my top ten best shopping destinations in Singapore:

1.    Barang Barang – is an amazing complex in the city of Singapore selling the best items that are locally made. Ancient and antique finds are all here. There is also vintage furniture that is truly quality made. This is a place where the artistic Singaporeans’ talents are much revealed.

2.    Lucky Plaza Shopping Mall – one of the biggest shopping places in Singapore. Lucky Plaza is very spacious making it a convenient shopping place for shoppers. Health products fashion accessories, and many others can be found here.

3.    Causeway Point – a large shopping mall in Singapore that is well known to tourists. A huge variety of shops can be found selling various items with quality brands that are made both locally and international.

4.    North Shopping Center Singapore – located at Yishun Avenue in Singapore and is a popular tourist destination. There are lots of shops here where one can find almost everything. There are numerous shops and also dining and entertainment lounges making everyone’s shopping spree really enjoyable.

5.    Chinatown Market – a perfect place for a late night shopping spree. This is a very practical place to shop where one can find amazing items at its very low price.

6.    Marina Bay – a man made bay in Singapore that is very well known with lots of shopping arcades along the bay streets selling various items from fashion wears, electronic parts and gadgets, antiques, and many others. This is a place where on can find almost everything while strolling along the Singapore bay.

7.    North Bridge Road – one of Singapore’s oldest roads and is lined with many shops selling different items that will surely satisfy everyone’s needs.

8.    Orchard Road – a very well known tourist spot in Singapore where people can find lots of department stores and shopping malls. This is a busy rod with lots of shoppers looking for amazing items and stuffs to buy.

9.    Mustafa Center – a place in Singapore where the best garment finds are sold. A real place for great bargains and exclusive shopping sprees are always expected here.

10.    Riverside – a place to find lots of shopping malls and bazaars where one can find amazing items. There are shops that sell different kinds of items so one is always free to explore and be amazed with the place.

San Francisco Shopping

If you love shopping then San Francisco is the ideal place for you. It is regarded as one of the best cities for shopping in the world, with amazing designer labels, fashionable boutiques, the latest in electronics and gadgets, the best in technology, beauty, stores and food! What more could you want? People come from all over the world to shop in this city and with good reason. In this article I review 3 popular shopping destinations in San Francisco so that you’ll know where to go and where to find great savings and deals in San Francisco.

1. Firstly, when it comes to shopping in this great city, you definitely need to check out the popular Fillmore street shopping area. It is one of the hottest shopping destinations in all of America with amazingly beautiful sights and of course great shopping. This is a sophisticated shopping area with lots of clothing stores, antiques, art, jewelry, furniture, great souvenirs, delicious food, some great architecture and definitely a glimpse into this beautiful city’s rich culture. Even if you’re not a big shopper I would recommend a visit to Fillmore street simply because it is such a beautiful area with so much to offer you wouldn’t really experience San Francisco shopping without it.

2. San Francisco has an international element and flavor to it, and this becomes very obvious when you enter Chinatown. The San Francisco Chinatown shopping experience is unique, exquisite, and delightful. The food here is simply delicious and you can spend an entire day just tasting the many different meals. However, aside from the food there is a wide selection of great tourist shopping offering pretty much everything you could want. Not only that, but the buildings and the architecture is simply amazing, worth a visit just to walk around and absorb the atmosphere.

3. Thirdly, no shopping is complete in this city without a trip to the Union Square shopping area. This area is the place to be if you’re looking for designer labels, hot brands, fashionable clothes and all things fashion related. It really is one boutique after another of great products and the prices are great as well. This is definitely one of those places every shopper dreams about, it is one of San Fran’s hottest shopping regions and it is in a beautiful location with lots of friendly people. San Francisco shopping is an extremely entertaining experience and browsing through Union Square is definitely a highlight that stands out from other areas. It is unique experience that one must experience when in this great city. Basically, its shopping as you would imagine it, great store selection, beautiful location, San Franciscan weather and lots of sales and savings to save your money.

Shopping Destinations in Indonesia

Indonesia is a wonderful place to go shopping with the great finds and interesting items that are found here. There are many shopping destinations and here are the top 10 most favored and visited shopping places in this amazing country:

1. South Jakarta – along the JI Sultan Agung where almost everything is found. The latest in shopping industry is found here that lots of shoppers come here making the place really crowded and swarmed with many people. Amazing finds such as clothes, jewelries and others are sold here with very low prices.

2. Gianyar – found in Bali, is a place to find lots of handcrafted jewelries and really decorative accessories. Everyone is welcome to explore great finds and excellent negotiable prices.

3. Kuta – the streets of Kuta Indonesia has several shops and stalls where one can find accessories and clothing items that are with really cheap and affordable prices. There are also funny and interesting stuffs you can find here that can be a souvenir for your loved ones back home.

4. Star Disc Music center – where the latest in the music industry are found and also all kinds of popular music from both local and foreign musicians. There are extensive ranges of choices that can be found here that will truly amaze every music lover.

5. Bali – a great shopping destination in Indonesia where you can find lots and lots of amazing stuffs. It is advisable for shoppers to bring huge shopping bags to carry your shopped items because there are definitely lots of finds here.

6. Manga Dua – a place in Indonesia where the vast complex buildings are found that are usually shopping malls and department stores. These are one of the best places to shop in the whole Indonesia plus you get to be offered the lowest prices in town.

7. Malioboro – where the best finds of silvers and metal bird cages are found.

8. Legian – also an ideal place to shop for lots of goods and accessories and is full of vendors so you have lots of choices.

9. Grand Indonesia – is a very massive building that is very spacious for one to shop. There are so many stalls inside the building that offers pretty good finds.

10. Mall of Indonesia – where the famous brand named items are found. This is where most of the Indonesians shop to make sure to buy quality items and products.

Ms. Pinky is a mom of 3 school children. She is a Systems Engineer, a Technology Researcher and an Independent Medical Billing and Coding Consultant. She and her family is well-traveled all over the world!